From Specialists to Generalists

The World of Generalised RL Agents

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The workshop will take place on the Thursday 25 August, starting at 14:00 and ending at 18:15.
Start Time Topic
14:00 Introduction Tamlin Love
14:05 Short talk from the RAIL Lab Steven James
14:25 Keynote talk (title TBA) Benjamin Rosman
15:15 Short talk from IBM Research Kenya Sekou Lionel Remy
15:35 Short talk from Shocklab Claude Formanek
15:55 Coffee Break
16:30 Keynote talk (title TBA) Matteo Leonetti (virtual)
17:20 Generalisation in RL panel discussion Steven James, Benjamin Rosman, Sekou Lionel Remy, Claude Formanek, Siddarth Singh
18:10 Closing Remarks Tamlin Love